“Drafting World-Class Patents for Fortune-500 Companies”

A Proud Member of “InnovateLLP.com” of Toronto, Ontario

Meet our Staff:

Mario D. Theriault, P.Eng.  Patent Agent (CA & USA)  Experience in Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Processes and Design Inventions.
Valerie Donovan, B.S.W. Accounting and Office Administration.
Claire Moxon,  M.Sc.,   Patent Agent (USA)  Experience in Biotech, Life Science, Genetics, Chemistry, Agriculture and Food Science.

We have offices in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario
Corrinne Lobe: Corrinne.Lobe@InnovateLLP.com
Claire Moxon: Claire@ScribeSelect.com
Mario Theriault: Mario@Patentway.com